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To Print or Not to Print – Is this really the question?

Is there still a need for print media? Our answer to this question is both yes and no. In some cases, print has become dispensable, while in other cases it is more important than ever. And sometimes success is a matter of finding the right combination of print and App.

Everything online? This is how we find the answer:

Target Group

At first we ask rather obvious questions:
  • What are the reading habits of you target group?
  • Where and under which circumstances do you wish to address them?
  • What kind of equipment are they using?


A financial analyst wants to see the business indicators – immediately and online. The employees' partner on the other hand only learns the latest company news from the magazine lying on the living room table. All forms of content call for different means of distribution.


Whether on the office grapevine in internal communications, social networks, newspapers, magazines, TV or radio – your publications always have to face stiff competition.

An unbiased competitive analysis often leads to surprising insights.

For example:
ERGO magazine – an award winning employee magazine

We've been designing several employee communication tools for the ERGO insurance group for almost ten years. Being the only group wide print medium, the ERGO magazine covers the “big topics”, each issue focussing on one specific subject. Both the German and English versions of the ERGO magazine are published in print as well as on the companies Intranet.
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24 hours of ERGO

A day in a large global company.
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An important subject for any company.
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... means more than just being international.
FOX AWARDS Gold Visuals und Honors Efficiency.

Win awards with your publication

Design and concept of magazines require specialised expertise. Over many years, we have gained a lot of experience in this field – including conversion into user-friendly applications for PCs, tablets and smartphones. Just send us an e-mail or call us.

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