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You have a great product. We will make it interesting to the public.

Let's be honest, very few products or companies really are unique. In most cases, your CEO is no Steve Jobs, nor are your products as innovative as the iPhone.
But there still is a lot of room for appealing stories. It's our job to dig for those stories, transport them to the right media and make sure your company gets the attention it deserves. It works. Honestly!

For example: RoboForm
Promoting a me-too product on a small budget

Password managing programmes are as numerous as fish in the sea – and most of them are for free. What can we do to make people talk about RoboForm?
We keep telling new stories and creating occasions to talk about them.
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The Worst Password Sins
Germany's largest regional newspaper warns about careless use of passwords.
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Did your e-mail accounts get hacked?
An online portal for senior citizens recommends password managers.
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Children and the Internet: You had better check what they are up to, a website for fathers on using password managers for youth protection.
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The Best Password Managers
ChannelPartner compares several password management softwares.
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Password managers provide for security with comfort
An office management magazine writes about the benefits of password managers.
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Security in Cyberspace
ComputerPartner gives general advice for online security and
refers to password managers.
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There is a story in your business

Targeted media relations increase brand visibility and strengthen your company image. B2B or B2C – we know the right way to communicate your message to the right media. Just send us an e-mail or call us.

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